internet safty

always  Never talk to people you don’t know only talk to friends and family who you can trust . Never talk to people you don’t know because anyone can be someone there not they could say they are 12 but actually 23 just be safe on the internet otherwise it could end up the person who […]

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                                                                                                                                        F=FRESIA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    L=lily s=stranger   YOU HAVE A FRIEND REQUEST! FROM LOL101 ACCEPT???   YES           NO OH I ‘ VE GOT A FRIEND REQUEST SO ACCEPTING THIS ! Ummm… Fresia! You don’t even know this person! DONT ACCEPT IT PLEASE! YOU MIGHT GET EATEN! HI FRESIA:)123 OH MY GOD FRESIA WHY DID ACCPET?!!! […]


Internet safety for kids

♦ The internet seems like a cool place, and it is! But it is also a world of danger. You could get hacked You could arrange a meeting with a total stranger and they could be an adult that has more power than you And maybe even get killed but lets not go into that. A […]

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How To Stay Safe On Social Media

photo           photo                     In this blog, we will be talking about how to stay safe on social media. This is important for all children. Facebook,instagram,twitter,youtube,snapchat all carry a age limit of 13+.Whatsapp carries a 16+.If a child has an account on any of these social media platforms ,it is illegal for them to post […]

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Internet safty BY: BH.EH

How to stay safe on social media Just so you know to go on Instagram you have to be 13 years old. To be safe on Instagram you need to hide all your personal details like your Address Phone number school password email address and don’t post something that you will regret because you may get some […]

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Horse Aggression!

If you put a horse in front of a picture, depending on what the picture is ,the horse will act differently every time. If it is a smilie face picture the horse will look at it with his or her right eye. If it is an angry face, the horse will look with its left eye. […]

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HI  ITS  TERESA  AND  AVA , We got on board the space station yesterday, we are going to be staying here for the next six months. But we are already having the time of our life’s. whilst you lot are down on Earth walking and were up in space with zero gravity-how cool is that huh- flying like […]